Canadian Single-Person EV Debuts at Vancouver International Auto Show

March 24, 2015

Vancouver, BC- A Proof of Concept Prototype Canadian-built, single-person electric vehicle called the ElectraMeccanica Sparrow will debut at the 2015 Vancouver International Auto Show starting March 24, 2015. Built by Vancouver based Intermeccanica, it has a cruising speed of 110 kilometres per hour, a 0-100 km/h time better than 8 seconds and at least 100 km of range.

The production version of the car has a target price of $19,888.00 and expects to ship in 2016. Based on the 1990’s era California-built version, the ElectraMeccanica Sparrow features a threewheel layout (two in the front, one in the rear), a composite body, a single side door, and an advanced lithium ion battery and DC drive system.

“When people first see the Sparrow, they immediately understand the benefits of the singleperson format,” states CEO Jerry Kroll. “Being just slightly smaller than a SmartCar, with easy to access storage and the must-have electric drive, the Sparrow seems to touch on all the right points. Eighty-three percent of Canadian commuters drive by themselves for less than 100 kilometres each day. That is a potential 10 Billion dollar market in Canada alone for this clean, efficient, small footprint car.”

The ElectraMeccanica Sparrow will be at the Vancouver International Auto Show from Tuesday, March 23 to Sunday, March 26, 2015. (

For further information visit:

ElectraMeccanica Vehicles Corp.
1102-328 East 11th Ave., Vancouver, B.C., Canada V5T 4W1
Tel: 604-687-3088

New Tesla Battery Could Take Your Home Off the Grid

Ever wish you could ditch your electric bill? Tesla is working on a house battery that could help you break up with your expensive utility company, essentially turning any home into an off-grid abode. Before you know it, a home in the suburbs could even generate enough energy to turn a profit by selling the excess back to a traditional electric company.

Like many of Tesla’s projects, this one is coming up fast. Mastermind electric power guy Elon Musk announced in an investor call that the designs for the home battery are complete. The public could get a glimpse of the design within the next month or two, with production beginning in as little as six months.

Tesla’s new stationary battery could be the gateway that finally links renewable energy to everyday consumers in a way that makes sense. The challenge of storing clean energy from solar or wind is one of the reasons people are sticking with grid power. Although Musk hasn’t commented on the cost of Tesla’s newest energy offering, chances are good that it will still represent a savings versus grid electricity over the course of its lifetime.

An innovation in energy like this isn’t just for the chic eco-friendly homeowner. These batteries could be a huge benefit for those living in areas where grid power is unreliable due to power outages. Some people respond to that situation by installing a gas- or propane-powered generator, which isn’t always practical or affordable. The battery, which Musk promises will come packaged in an attractive-looking casing to fit in with any home’s decor, will also work for commercial properties.

Curious green-minded energy buyers can listen to the investor call here.

Via Washington Post

VIAS e-Newsletter Update

VIAS e-Newsletter Update
March 8, 2015

In just under two weeks, the 95th annual Vancouver International Auto Show will open at the Vancouver Convention Centre (West), Jack Poole Plaza entrance. The largest consumer show in Western Canada is 25% larger, a reflection of a BC auto industry that is sophisticated and growing.

BC buyers are savvy and manufacturers are paying attention. See: a rare $1.3 million super car – one of three Porsche 918 Spyders sold in BC; the first Hyundai Tuscon Fuel Cell Hydrogen vehicle in Canada leased to a Vancouver couple; and, one of just two Rolls Royce Pinnacles in North America is for sale in Vancouver. For 2015, the Auto Show makes history, as the Automotive Journalists of Canada announce the first-ever Green Car of the Year Award. Look for the winning car at the Auto Show, wrapped in green ribbon.

At the 2015 Auto Show, cars reflect your unique lifestyle. Visit our interactive car culture displays with “The Great Outdoors”, “City Luxury”, and “Electric Avenue.” Drive the latest hybrid and plug-ins with Green Ride and Drive. Discover exotics like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mclaren, Porsche, Tesla and more.

Life-sized Hot Wheels cars, iconic cars filmed in Hollywood North movies and TV series, a 100% Electric Bigfoot monster truck, a global unveiling of a million dollar mystery Lincoln build, Corvette in seven generations, plus the Volkswagen Playcare Centre make it a fun day for everyone.

Check out our many other Contests online. Enter to win one of two car give-a-ways, including a 100% electric Nissan Leaf and a Chevrolet Canuck Camaro.

Join us for a magical Opening Night at the Auto Show starting 5pm, March 24. Live music, entertainment and super car drive-ups will make it a memorable evening.

Click here to avoid line-ups and buy your Auto Show tickets in advance online.

We look forward to hosting you March 24-29 at the beautiful Vancouver Convention Centre West.


Jason Heard
Executive Director
Vancouver International Auto Show