June 2015 - Electra Meccanica

Narrow Track Vehicles – The Convergence of the Car and the Motorcycle

Since Nicholas Negroponte first came up with his landmark teething ring visualization of the coming together of communication, computing and content, the term convergence has become the uber buzzword. Now there’s convergence going on in the personal transport industry, with the car and the motorcycle morphing as car makers attempt to downsize their vehicles to … Continued

High Hopes for Made-in-B.C. Electric Car

View Original Story You’d think a $2-million race-red Ferrari LaFerrari had just descended on Vancouver’s Olympic Village plaza. Excited onlookers gathered quickly Thursday to take selfies standing next to the unique vehicle and to sit in the driver’s seat to embrace the cockpit-like ambience. “Isn’t it adorable?” said one fancier. “Where do you put the … Continued

Jerry in BIV

Market slowly plugging into the advantages of electric vehicles View Full Article Talk to Jerry Kroll if you have any doubts about the fun and convenience of driving EVs. He’s a race-car driver and CEO of New Westminster-based ElectraMeccanica (smallev.com), which has just launched a prototype three-wheel single-person commuting EV called the Sparrow. “E-cars make … Continued



The all-electric, single-seater Solo

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The all-electric, two-seater Tofino roadster

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