August 2016 - Electra Meccanica

SOLO Impresses At First Track Appearance

The first time you take ANY car to the track, you never push hard hard. Its more of a systems check. When you have multiple spare cars, parts, etc., then you can push harder, but gradually and in a system. No “Cowboys” allowed on the test track, that’s only in the movies. The SOLO drove … Continued

From the desk of Electra Meccanica CEO Jerry Kroll:

We are just over a month away from the Public Launch of the 2017 Electra Meccanica SOLO on September 9th, and our first series of cars, the “Signature Series” has already been over-subscribed! Myself, Henry Reisner, and the entire Electra Meccanica team have autographed plaques that will be tastefully installed in each of our first … Continued



The all-electric, single-seater Solo

Reservation $250.00 CAD

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The all-electric, two-seater Tofino roadster

Reservation $1,000.00 CAD

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