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“Turns out, I don’t like it. I love it!
The Solo is everything I wanted it to be and more than I hoped for.

Mark West was extremely generous with his time so I was able to settle in and really evaluate the entire experience. The Solo feels like a complete and finished vehicle. I would have bought the pre-production version on the spot if I could have. If you’re on the fence for whatever reason, my suggestion is go ahead and plan to buy a Solo. If you don’t, that’s OK. It just means I’ll get mine a little sooner! ;)”

SOLO Test Drive

Mike CorcoranFrom Lake Stevens, Washington

“Today’s test drive of the diminutive Solo has me eager to get delivery of my own! A great little car that will put some fun into my daily commute.”

SOLO Test Drive

Susanna Wuennenberg From Port Coquitlam, British Columbia

The Solo is very easy to drive for any regular car driver. It handles as one would expect of any car. Acceleration is responsive. Steering is precise. Braking, even though it is unassisted, feels secure and stops the vehicle just exactly where I want it to. This is totally unlike breaking a car under tow with engine off.

Electric car test drive

Ernest GohFrom Kelowna, British Columbia


“Driving the SOLO provides an experience unlike any other vehicle on the road. The combination of a lightweight chassis, low centre of gravity, and amazing power to weight ratio makes it more like a go-kart than anything else. The central seating position also adds the feeling of driving a formula car and really makes you and the SOLO really feel like one!”

Scott HargroveInternational Professional Race Car Driver

“I’ll never be going back to gas. This looks like a very fun car to have; unique and new is what I like.”

Josef SwartBus Driver, New Westminster BC

“There isn’t anything like it on the road. The prototype really caught my attention. I always wanted to get a motorcycle but it rains too much here – and this is like a three wheel motorcycle with a body on it.  Then I found out it was electric which is even better.”

Matthew Lee GreenCo-Proprietor, Greens & Beans Deli, New Westminster

“I really like the Solo because most of the time I am driving by myself. There are a lot of people out there traveling back and forth to work “Solo”, they are commuting in vehicles that have four seats, three of which have dust on them. Solo just makes sense.”

Rudy VenturaCNC Machinist, Tigard, Oregon USA

“The idea of quietly cruising to and from work in a great looking performance machine, using no gas, almost no maintenance, cheaper insurance, combined with government and employer incentives makes this an easy decision.”

Drew ScoularVancity Employee, Maple Ridge

“It has exactly what I needed as a commuter…it will be getting me out of the big diesel truck I’s costing me a fortune everyday for bridge tolls and I wanted to save money on fuel.  With the fuel savings, this car would be free for people.  Safety too – it is safer than a motorcycle”

Matthew Lee GreenCo-Proprietor, Greens & Beans Deli, New Westminster
I have been looking at electric vehicles for many years. Range and price where always a problem.  When I saw the concept of the SOLO I knew that it would fit my needs perfectly. My commute is 150km a day and I’m the only one in the vehicle. The savings in fuel cost will be $500 to $600 a month alone.
Manfred SiegFMO ( Kelowna General Hospital ) Armstrong, BC

“Mich schmerzt jeder Kilometer, den ich mit der Verbrennung von unwiederbringlichen fossilen Rohstoffen fahre. Elektromobilität ermöglicht es mir mich mit erneuerbaren Energien fortzubewegen. Der Solo hat die beste Effizienz zu einem fairen Preis.”

E.FröhlichUnternehmer, Switzerland