160 KM Range

With 160 km of range the SOLO has your daily commute covered.

220 Kph Top Speed

Think that electric cars don’t have enough power? Think again, the SOLO has a top speed of 220 kph (limited to 130 kph).

0-100 in 8 Seconds

The SOLO packs a punch and rockets from 0 to 100 kilometer an hour in 8 seconds.

MSRP $19,888 CAD

At CAD$19,888 the SOLO is the best value electric vehicle on the market. Incentives are not included yet.

Charge Time

Go from 0% to fully charged in 3 hours on 220V or 6 hours on 110V

128 Nm Torque

The SOLO has 82 hp and 128 Nm of torque available instantly.

The Average Commuter Distance is 30 kilometres a Day

83% of all urban car trips in North America are within 30 kilometer of distance.

Save up to 90%

The SOLO brings energy efficiency. 3-4 times more efficient than internal combustion vehicle.

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Electric Vehicle

SOLO Specs

160 KM Range

220 kph (Limited to 130 kph) Top Speed

0-100 kph – 8 Seconds

128 Nm of torque

AC Synchronous Electric Motor (82hp)

625 kg Lightweight Aerospace Composite Chassis

All Wheel Disc Brakes

15” Aluminium Alloy Wheels

All Season tire 155-60 R15 (Front)/175-55 R15 (Rear)

Dimension 3.10m x 1.34m x 1.33m

Creature Comforts

LCD Digital Instrument Cluster

Remote Keyless Entry

Power Windows

AM/FM Stereo with Bluetooth/CD/USB

Rear View Backup Camera

Storage Space (Front and Rear Trunk)

285 Liters of Cargo Space

Heater and Defogger

Air Conditioning (optional)

Heated Seat

2 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty

Battery Life

16.1 kWh Lithium Ion

220 & 110 Volt Charging

3 hours 220V / 6 hours 110V

Up to 160 KM of Range

5 Year Battery Warranty

Solo Electric Car
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Electric Vehicle

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The Signature Series will be limited to 1,000 of the first production of the SOLO with an anticipated MSRP of CAD$19,888. Each Signature Series SOLO will receive an official tag signed by the entire design and development team of Electra Meccanica Vehicles indicating the edition number and date of production. *All financing is OAC

How you’re changing the world

Electra Meccanica’s SOLO is an all electric, single passenger, three-wheeled commuter vehicle; not intended to replace your family car, but to supplement your driving experience.

  • Approx. 90% of travel is done single passenger: why should you have to pay for the gas and expense of transporting a 3,000+lb vehicle with only one person in the car?
  • SOLO is designed to get you to and from work and around town as needed at minimal expense.
  • With a range of approx. 100 miles between charges SOLO is sure to fit the average commuters’ needs.
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