Canadian Single-Person EV Debuts at Vancouver International Auto Show - Electra Meccanica

Canadian Single-Person EV Debuts at Vancouver International Auto Show

March 24, 2015

Vancouver, BC- A Proof of Concept Prototype Canadian-built, single-person electric vehicle called the ElectraMeccanica Sparrow will debut at the 2015 Vancouver International Auto Show starting March 24, 2015. Built by Vancouver based Intermeccanica, it has a cruising speed of 110 kilometres per hour, a 0-100 km/h time better than 8 seconds and at least 100 km of range.

The production version of the car has a target price of $19,888.00 and expects to ship in 2016. Based on the 1990’s era California-built version, the ElectraMeccanica Sparrow features a threewheel layout (two in the front, one in the rear), a composite body, a single side door, and an advanced lithium ion battery and DC drive system.

“When people first see the Sparrow, they immediately understand the benefits of the singleperson format,” states CEO Jerry Kroll. “Being just slightly smaller than a SmartCar, with easy to access storage and the must-have electric drive, the Sparrow seems to touch on all the right points. Eighty-three percent of Canadian commuters drive by themselves for less than 100 kilometres each day. That is a potential 10 Billion dollar market in Canada alone for this clean, efficient, small footprint car.”

The ElectraMeccanica Sparrow will be at the Vancouver International Auto Show from Tuesday, March 23 to Sunday, March 26, 2015. (

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