CEO Report - February 2018 - Electra Meccanica

CEO Report – February 2018

Well, 2018 has certainly taken off like a rocket! A year full of preparing has met a huge amount of interest in the SOLO and Tofino. Our year began with the world’s biggest tradeshow, the famous Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas where we featured SOLOs on display as well as demonstration drives for the media. Electra Meccanica was rewarded with the “Automotive Innovation Award” at CES, which was a nice box to check! I like to follow our website traffic to see what effect these things have, and our traffic spiked about 5 fold from this event.

We have been receiving a lot of media attention and invitations since CES, and last month our Founder Henry Reisner was interviewed in New York by Fox Business nationally. Again, our web traffic went bonkers and inquiries into our cars and dealerships went crazy. Many thanks to the gang at Fox Business for recognizing an innovative company and product, and we look forward to doing it again soon.

One of my heroes has always been Bill Nye the Science Guy, and we had the chance to provide Bill with a demo SOLO this month, and he has posted a video of himself driving it through the streets of California. He is as delightful as he comes across on television, and he loves the SOLO.   Looking cool and saving the planet are things that both Bill and the SOLO are great at!

Another technology giant is the Siemens company, who have provided Electra Meccanica with all manner of support including our computer aided design (CAD) and manufacturing software.   To celebrate this alliance, Siemens has produced probably the greatest video on Electra Meccanica that I have ever seen. It’s like Star Wars meets EMV! You can find it on the Siemens website, EMV website and YouTube. Special cameo appearances by our talented CAD team and General Manager Ed Theobald.   Not everyone can make it to the EMV facility to meet the team, but the spirit of innovation and accomplishment comes through loud and clear in this video. Send me your comments and let me know if you agree!

If you find yourself in the Vancouver area, our President Mark West is hosting another Factory Open House on February 15th from 4-6 pm in New Westminster. At the event you’ll be able to meet the team from the Siemens video — as well as the real star of the show, the SOLO!!   As a special treat, Mark will (for the first time ever) show off some of the very first moulds for the all new Tofino! Yes, they are spectacular, and when you see them you will be even more excited than you are now.   This evolution of the gorgeous Intermeccanica Roadster and Speedster will be spectacular. We are still targeting the car reveal at this September’s Luxury and Supercar show in Vancouver.

I look forward to meeting everyone at the Open House, or any of our other events we’ll be participating at in North America and around the world. Watch for our online “Electra Meccanica Update” broadcasts on Facebook, and get ready for an amazing CEO update in March.

All the best for Spring, and we’ll see you on the road!


Jerry Kroll, CEO

Electra Meccanica Vehicles Corp


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