From the Desk of Jerry Kroll - Electra Meccanica

From the Desk of Jerry Kroll

Several major boxes have been checked so far this month.  Our Canadian production facility has completed and delivered our first customer car, with the next 4 (chassis 10-14) all lined up in various stages of completion.  We should deliver the next SOLO the first week of July, and then between 2 and 10 per month from then on.  As our C.O.O. Henry Reisner said, “This sounds like it’s an easy thing to do, just build a SOLO and deliver to customers, but it’s the culmination of years of effort by some of the most talented people in the world, and millions of dollars of resources to get the job done.  The result is spectacular.  You cannot buy a vehicle for this price anywhere in the world, ever, and get this level of happiness.  Not even close!  I’m not even aware of any product you can acquire for that amount of money that could do what SOLO does.”

The final proof, of course, will be in the comments coming from our customers, initially in British Columbia, who will be experiencing the SOLO in the real world using it as they commute, deliver, shop, cruise…whatever.

I’m so proud of our entire team!

Also, ElectraMeccanica Vehicles Corp. has just been granted our trading symbol “ECCTF” and will be listed on the OTCQB venture stock exchange in the United States; you can look it up online at As I’m writing this CEO Update, they have not yet populated the filings and financials, and I’m told this will be done over the next 30-60 days.  Put the ticker symbol into your stock watcher, and join me in this exciting adventure.  Congratulations to our public company listing team, and the dozens of early investors who stepped up to make this dream come true.   Further information on our public company activity can be found on the “Investors” section of our website, or by emailing Sam Woolf in our Investor Relations department at

Our current SOLO reservation list now stand at 536 (not including industrial orders) and the Tofino is at 96.  New SOLO reservations can expect their deliveries in 2018 and the Tofinos in 2019.  Our President Mark West has initiated an ongoing SOLO Test Drive program at our Vancouver Headquarters, which you can book by emailing  There is a big electric car show here in Vancouver on July 15th, called “Electra Fest” where we’ll have hundreds of people completing test drives.  If you’re available, you can get more information at

I’d like to see our reservations top the 1,000 mark before the end of this year, and we’ve opened a special offer for those people who have made a reservation on ANY other kind of car, to email us an image of that reservation and we’ll honour it for a place in line for a SOLO, up to $1,000.00 Cdn.  How can you beat that??   Even if you put in a reservation for a DeLorean, and it never showed up, just email me a copy of that reservation and we’ll send you a matching one for a SOLO!

As the US and Canadian federal compliance work for the SOLO continues along, and I expect to see it completed later this year. Once that happens, we’ll begin US deliveries, as well as opening SOLO stores in the US.  San Francisco and New York are very big targets for us, and we are planning some amazing events in the months to come.  Stay tuned for more information on my future updates.

Our next EMV Broadcast will be at 6pm PST on Monday July 3rd.  You can view via our Facebook page and submit your questions to me — no questions are off limits!  As always we’ll be giving away a beautiful “Mangia la Mia Polvere” t-shirt to the best question that day.

See you on the road!

Jerry Kroll, CEO
ElectraMeccanica Vehicles Corp.

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