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From the Desk of Jerry Kroll

I recently went down to Sonoma, California to update my racing license in a Formula 3 car at Sonoma raceway. Aside from having a blast in the SimRaceway school cars, I had a chance to drive a gasoline powered Mercedes-Benz rental from Hertz. I don’t usually drive gasoline cars, so this gave me a chance to experience what today’s gas cars are like and compare it to our own SOLO electric car.
The weirdness of having a gasoline motor being turned on and idling is the first reminder that we’re back in the 1900’s. There was a small “battery” logo on the dashboard that would charge up instantly and fully under any braking, and then drain instantly on acceleration. The other annoying thing was the internal combustion engine stopping and starting at every traffic light. How do people find THAT pleasant? I enjoy my analogy of gasoline cars being like fax machines, and electric cars being the internet. I’m more convinced of that now than ever.

And speaking of racing, you can expect some interesting activity early in the new year as the Electra Meccanica (EMV) “Advanced Performance Team” takes to the track with our first few Racing SOLOs. To me, this is the best way to both develop our road car technology, AND to showcase the SOLO performance envelope. I was twenty seconds a lap off the times of race prepared cars in the street stock SOLO, so with some tweaking, racing slicks and some other top secret tweaks, I would suggest you don’t put your Ferrari out there with us until after you’ve seen a few passes! The Racing SOLO team will be introduced at a trade event early in the new year.

The busiest department currently at Electra Meccanica is our production team, who have settled into our newly expanded production facility in New Westminster, British Columbia. I’ve driven the first pre-production SOLOs, one of which has gone to complete US Federal compliance and certification testing. I expect us to complete pre-production by the end of the year and get right into production for those of you who are eagerly awaiting your cars. They perform wonderfully, and are super eye-catching in traffic. Our marketing team is looking forward to taking photos of all of you as you get your keys and drive off in your new SOLO and so am I.

2017 will likely be the most profound year in the history of Electra Meccanica. So much work has been done, so much is ready to roll out in the way of cars, dealerships and general corporate development. Lots of work ahead, and I’m excited by what we’ll do and where we’ll be in December 2017.

We have booked EMV to be at the Vancouver Auto Show from March 27th to April 2nd, and we’ll announce other exhibits around the world as they are confirmed. On behalf of everyone at Electra Meccanica, I sincerely thank you for your interest and support, and I look forward to meeting you in person in the new year–and watching your first drives in your very own SOLO!!

Happy Holidays and the best for 2017,

Jerry Kroll, CEO
ElectraMeccanica Vehicles Corp.

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