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Electra Meccanica CEO Update

March is a special month for Electra Meccanica, as it is the time for the famous Vancouver International Auto Show. Years ago, I had just got my drivers license, the day after my birthday on December 26th, 1976, and drove to the Pacific National Exhibition where the early editions of the Vancouver Auto Show were held during the holiday season. It was magical to drive the old 68 Beetle to the show all by myself, pay my three dollars to see the show and walk in like an adult and collect all the printed car brochures. I loved the new Bertone Fiat X-19, I was enchanted by someone who had made a recreation of the dark green Jaguar D Type with the vertical fin and leather strap over the bonnet, but I was mostly transfixed by an amazing orange Lamborghini Countach LP400 with white interior, on a raised eye level platform. I stood there with my mouth open in disbelief. Behind me stood a couple of older people, and one said to the other “Only an idiot would want a car like that”. I didn’t say a thing, but I’m certain that everyone reading this knows what I thought of THAT opinion!

Its that type of automotive magic that I’m reminded of each time we exhibit at the Vancouver Auto Show, and I wonder how many young people will walk down the aisle this year and see our exciting new 2017 Solo for the first time in real life, and become inspired in the same way that I was all those years ago! And we will have an inspiring display!

For the first time ever we will have the 2017 Electra Meccanica Solo on full Autoshow display for people to see, touch, sit in and order! First Solo deliveries are now planned for May, and with over 500 orders already on our books I expect new orders placed will deliver around July 2018 when we have our production lines ramped up. I can’t decide if we should display an Electric Red, Arctic White, Raven Black or Titanium Silver one. Send in your vote for your favourite!

As a special treat to everyone, we will also have our amazing bright green Solo R racing vehicle on display, with acclaimed race driver Scott Hargrove making autograph appearances throughout the show. You will see some amazing video of Scott putting the Solo R through its paces, to demonstrate the performance capabilities of the Solo as well as to develop technologies for the future of the car.

As if THAT was not enough!! I’m excited to say that we will have a VERY exciting announcement about our next EMV car, Code named “TOFINO”. You will have to wait until opening day of the Autoshow to find out what it is, but I’m here to tell you that our development team has created a true dream machine. When you see it, you will understand!

If you’re in the Vancouver area during the show, please come visit the team March 28th to April 2. Our social media team will be excited to see your posts and pictures at our booth. Best photo will win a legendary EMV “Mangia la Mia Polvere” t-shirt, autographed by Henry and myself! A keeper!!

For those of you not able to be in Vancouver during the show, because you live in Europe, Australia, China, Japan or some other far away place, I want you to know that our President Mark West is working hard to open new Solo stores in all areas. The first store opened in Vancouver three weeks ago, the next store in Richmond BC will open in April, with 23 more slated still for this year! Could a Solo store open in your town? Let’s see!!

Next month will bring more details on our pending public company stock listing, which will be an indicator of how well our cars and business plan are being received by investors around the world. I believe that Solo is the car that Tesla WISHES it would have built, as the amazing electric car that everyone can afford, like a Beetle for the 21st Century. We will soon find out if I’m right or wrong!

Until next month, I’ll see you in the HOV lane!


Jerry Kroll, CEO

Electra Meccanica Vehicles

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