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Electra Meccanica Partners with Canadian Racer Scott Hargrove


Vancouver, BC. (March 8, 2016) – Electra Meccanica is pleased to announce its partnership with Canadian racecar driver, Scott Hargrove. Electra Meccanica’s new SOLO is the smartest commuter car on the planet. The fully electric single seater is aimed towards reducing congestion, air pollution, driver fatigue and operating cost. Hargrove is providing his technical knowledge to help develop the SOLO’s design and handling characteristics through his company RaceEnergy Performance and in addition promoting the future of efficient commuter travel at 2016 Indy Car events.

In 2016, Hargrove is competing with Team Pelfrey in the ultra-competitive Indy Lights series, starting the year off with a podium finish in St. Petersburg, Florida. While working his way towards Indy Car, Hargrove won the 2013 USF2000 championship and finished runner up in the 2014 Pro Mazda championship. Hargrove also won the 2014 Canadian Porsche GT3 Cup in his first year of sports car competition. The next rounds of Indy Lights competition are at Barber Motorsports Park in Leeds, Alabama on April 22nd and 23rd.

“I am proud to be part of the partnership with Electra Meccanica as it is a very exciting opportunity,” said Canadian born Hargrove. “I have been interested in Electric Vehicles for some time and to be part the development team for the next generation is an honor. Adding their support to my 2016 Indy Lights campaign and helping promote the concept of competing in Electric Vehicles is a bonus.”

The partnership will see Hargrove develop the SOLO’s handling characteristics on the racetrack. RaceEnergy Performance will provide trackside support and innovations to make the SOLO a performance winner.

Electra Meccanica Vehicles CEO Jerry Kroll commented, “Electric performance vehicles like ours will find their best developments through racing. Scott and his company continue to be a major contributor to Electra Meccanica, and we’re excited to join him on his 2016 journey to an Indy Lights Championship and beyond.”

Scott’s fans can follow the action live on IndyLights.com, the Verizon IndyCar app and by delayed television on NBC Sports in the US and Sportsnet in Canada.

About Electra Meccanica: Over 80% of people commute by themselves in large, fossil fuel cars. Everyone complains about traffic congestion and global warming, yet they continue to do the same thing and expect the situation to change by itself. This is the essence of Electra Meccanica, and why we believe that all those one person commuters will switch to the small footprint and zero emissions of the EMV Solo. We all have so much to gain by doing so, and it’s really a fantastic car when you get behind the wheel. With the current public demand for electric cars, and smaller cars that can easily navigate our crowded urban streets, the EMV Solo is probably one of the most anticipated new cars today. Visit Electra Meccanica today at www.electrameccanica.com.

About RaceEnergy Performance: From DIY to professional race teams, RaceEnergy Performance design and manufacture a diverse range of high quality products with Aerospace Electronics & CNC Machining resources behind us. Visit our website at https://www.raceenergyperformance.com

For more information about Scott Hargrove, visit his website at www.ScottHargrove.com and keep up to date via Instagram & Twitter @Scott_Hargrove and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/scotthargrovemotorsports

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