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Electra Meccanica Solo Completes First Chassis Test

Canada’s first all-electric, single passenger commuter vehicle has passed a major milestone this week, successfully completing a test of its chassis.

More than a hundred investors, reservation holders and dignitaries were on hand to witness the Electra Meccanica Solo’s production test run on a closed performance circuit.

“Today’s first track test of the Electra Meccanica Solo is the result of the incredible hard work and determination by our engineering team,” said Electra Meccanica’s CEO, Jerry Kroll. “We are now one step closer to bringing the first Canadian designed and built production electric vehicle (EV) to the world.”

The Solo wowed the attendees with its advanced composite frame that provides substantial strength and rigidity, while weighing just over 17kg (38 lbs.)

Not only is the Solo light, it’s fast. During the test, the vehicle clocked a 0-100kph time of 8 seconds and reached a top-speed of 120km/hr without compromising handling.

“Because our engineering team’s speciality is building world-class sports cars, we focused on applying what we’ve learned over the last 50 years to the Solo,” said Chief Engineer Henry Reisner. “The batteries are slung low along the frame of the car so as to create and extremely low centre of gravity, providing excellent handling.”

While Mr. Kroll had the honour of the maiden voyage, test driver Dr. Robert Tarzwell put the Solo through its paces on the track. “This vehicle is going to make people very happy when driving it, you really feel that it has a solid presence and it’s incredibly responsive and engaging, ” said Tarzwell.

The event was a precursor to the upcoming launch of the full production Solo in July of this year. To date, more than 100 individuals have put down a $250 deposit to purchase a Solo, on top of the more than 20,500 commercial orders the company has received.

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About Electra Meccanica
Electra Meccanica is a developer and manufacturer of innovative electric vehicles that is proudly Canadian and located in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Electra Meccanica combines founder Jerry Kroll’s extensive background in the sustainability sector with InterMeccanica Custom Coach Builders’ more than 50 years of experience building high-quality, specialty vehicles.  With the release of their first production vehicle later this year, the Electra Meccanica Solo, the company aims to put an EV in everyone’s driveway by making ownership simple, fun and affordable.

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