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Electra Meccanica – Winter is Coming

Winter is upon us which means colder temperatures and slippery roads.  Inclement weather can quickly creep up on you, so it is always best to be proactive in getting your vehicle ready for the season.

Your Solo is a very capable and unique vehicle that performs superbly throughout the year. When you feel the chill, here are a few simple pointers to keep your Solo performing at its best and getting the most of it in colder conditions:

  • The Solo is fitted with all season tires. Like all vehicles fitted with this type of tire, a SOLO equipped with all-season tires is really at its best in spring, summer and fall weather conditions. Its rear wheel drive system operates best when driving above 5ºC, in dry (or damp) conditions. If there is ice, heavy snow or very heavy rainfall out there, let your Solo take a break!
  • Keep your SOLO plugged in when not in use. It operates best when kept above 20% charge level.
  • If you plan to let your SOLO sit for an extended period of time this winter, keep your batteries at their best by connecting a trickle charger (e.g. “Battery Tender’s” Automatic Battery Charger)to the 12 – volt battery terminals that can be found underneath the maintenance panel under the front hood. Trickle chargers are inexpensive and can be found at most auto parts stores.


  • Check your windshield washer fluid level and top up as necessary with a windshield washer fluid rated to -35ºC. In addition, ensure that your wiper blades are in good condition and that they effectively clean the windshield.


  • Like most electric and hybrid vehicles, Solo’s regenerative braking system uses its electric motor as a generator to convert much of the kinetic energy lost when decelerating, back into stored energy in the vehicle’s battery. Familiarize yourself how your Solo responds when its regenerative braking system kicks in during slippery conditions.


  • Check your tire pressures regularly and keep them topped up to 28psi in the front and 35psi in the rear.


  • Check the operation of all of your exterior lights.

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