The sketch that started it all

From the mind to the paper, the SOLO started to take shape with this beautifully simple sketch. Clean lines & clean energy came together in an effort to redefine our daily commutes. A single seat wrapped in technology for the future, available today. With a clear vision of changing how we think about transportation, Electra Meccanica was born.

Artist renders

From rough sketches to hand painted artist renders, the SOLO starts to form as ideas and art come together. Attention to every detail was as important as offering a great driving experience.

Expanding our thinking

Questions about storage capacity and the day to day practicalities of owning a single seat car lead deepened the SOLO’s clever design. How would customers actually use the SOLO? What is the minimum trunk volume? Important questions to answer early on in development.

Getting into the engineering

A great looking car is important, but a well thought out one is even better. Armed with the initial concept, we turned our attention to fleshing out the design, adding piece by piece until we had a working prototype.

A place for everything and everything in its place

Designing a compact single seat vehicle that still has all the comforts we’ve come to expect was no easy task. Countless hours were spent engineering the internal systems of the SOLO. Maintaining balance & comfort was a challenge the SOLO design team tackled head on.

Making it happen – it all starts to come together

We jump started our production by partnering with Henry Reisner of InterMeccanica to produce the initial 100 SOLOs. InterMeccanica has been building world class custom cars for decades. With a focus on quality, craftsmanship & building for the future the SOLO will have mould-breaking impact for years to come .

The true excitement starts to take shape as chassis come together with drivetrain & our first working model SOLO rolls off the production line.

The drivetrain

Few moving parts, a low centre of gravity and no changing gears provide the SOLO with spirited performance and this piece of engineering is the keystone to making it all happen.

Getting the solo out on the track

How fast the can this baby go? 130 km/h, top speed at 0-100 in 8.0 seconds! Getting the SOLO out on the track for the first time was amazing. She surpassed all our expectations and is a dream to drive.

Road ready and exploration bound

With the sun at our backs and wheels on the road, we’ve taken to the streets with the very first SOLO chassis. Nothing makes us happier than putting thousands of kilometers off road behind us without hurting the environment.

Thousands of kilometers, one dream.

The journey of 1,000 miles

The SOLO is merely the beginning of a series of vehicles to be produced by Electra Meccanica all focusing on the concept of sustainability combined with quality manufacturing.

Feast your eyes on the Super SOLO, our high performance electric car for the masses is just around the corner.

With the release of our first production vehicle later this year, the Electra Meccanica Solo, we aim to put an EV in everyone’s driveway by making ownership simple, fun and affordable. Join us on the journey and order yours today.

Join us on the journey