Charging and Range

The electric car range of the SOLO is 160km/100miles. Type in your location and see how far SOLO can take you. The network of charging stations in North America is growing every day. While the majority of Level 2 (240v – SAE J1772 plug) public charging stations are free to use, many require drivers to join a service network to access the stations. Members are offered various ways to authorize the use of a charging station, such as scanning a member card at the desired charging station. EV owners can obtain a member card by registering online with the charging service networks. Some networks’ stations can also be authorized through a smart phone app or a credit card.

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Save up to 90%

The SOLO brings energy efficiency. 3-4 times more efficient than internal combustion vehicle.

The Average Commuter Distance is 19 miles a Day

83% of all urban car trips in North America are within 19 miles distance.

Global Cumulative Charging Station Deployments

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