Frequently asked questions

Does the SOLO qualify for any federal tax credits, incentives or grants?

The SOLO is engineered to take advantage of existing rebates, incentives and credits and we have submitted the SOLO for compliance and certification in the US and Canada.

Following that process, the governmental agencies will inform us if it will qualify for the various clean energy vehicle rebates and incentives. These are confirmed at the time of delivery and the government reserves the right to end various programs at any time.

For additional information on the current EV incentive programs in the US and Canada, please refer to the following sites:

Can I get a SOLO if I live in the USA?

Yes, the SOLO is available for delivery to all US states. |Reserve Here|

Is the SOLO available in Canada?

Yes, we’re proudly Canadian based. |Reserve Here|

Is the SOLO available in my country?

The SOLO can and will be shipped to most countries in the world. |Reserve Here|

When will I get my SOLO?

SOLOs are delivered in the order in which reservations were placed, with deliveries already booked through Q1 of 2017.

What is the price in USD?

The USD price is based on the daily Canadian dollar exchange rate. This can be found here

Is financing available?

Yes, the SOLO is like any other personal vehicle. Financing can be organized through your bank.

Does the SOLO come with air conditioning?

Air conditioning is an option and will be available in the SOLO with an estimated price of $1,000 CAD. |Reserve Here|

Will I need to wear a helmet when driving the SOLO?


How do I become a SOLO dealer?

You can show your interest in becoming a dealer here.