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How can I buy a SOLO or Tofino?

Be one of the first to drive a brand new SOLO or Tofino by reserving one today. Secure yours by placing a fully refundable deposit here.

Where can I test drive a SOLO or Tofino?

Visit our website or call our dealership in Los Angeles - Studio City or Vancouver to book a test drive.

What are your production plans?

We have signed a manufacturing agreement with Zongshen Industrial Group Co., Ltd to produce 75,000 SOLO all-electric vehicles over the next three years.

Are you working on any other models?

We are working on the Super SOLO, which will have gull wing doors and two seats. Sign up for our mailing list to get updates.

I put down a deposit and would like to know when my SOLO will get delivered?

Sign up for our email list to get regular updates, or email info@electrameccanica.com and we’ll send you a delivery status report.

Can you drive SOLO in the carpool lane in Canada or the US?

Yes. The SOLO is a fully occupied vehicle, so it can take advantage of carpool lanes. California has just passed legislation that allows enclosed three-wheel vehicles, like SOLO, to have access to carpool lanes. SOLO is classified as an autocycle in 41 of the 50 United States, and motorcycle usage of HOV lanes varies state by state—always abide by posted signage.

Do the SOLO or Tofino qualify for any federal tax credits, incentives or grants?

Both models are engineered to take advantage of existing rebates, incentives and credits. We have submitted the SOLO for compliance and certification in the US and Canada. Following that process, the governmental agencies will inform us if it will qualify for the various clean energy vehicle rebates and incentives. These are confirmed at the time of delivery and the government reserves the right to end various programs at any time. For additional information on the current EV incentive programs in the US and Canada, visit:

Canadian Automobile Association
Plug N Drive Canada
Plug in America

Where are the production facilities?

We have a joint manufacturing and development facility shared with Intermeccanica in New Westminster, Canada. In addition, we have signed a manufacturing agreement with Zongshen Industrial Group Co., Ltd.

Do you plan on increasing the battery size in the future?

Battery development is increasing at breakneck speed and we will continuously look to improve our batteries’ efficiency, durability, range and pack sizes for future vehicles.

How big is the SOLO?

It is approximately 4 feet wide by 10 feet long.

What safety and crash testing have you done?

The SOLO is engineered to meet all global motor vehicle safety standards. We have equipped the SOLO with safety features like a rear-vision backup camera, disc brakes, an electric parking brake, a seat belt, integrated roll cage, side impact rails and daytime running lights. These features give drivers a level of protection on par with conventional cars.

Does the SOLO have airbags?

No. Any vehicle under 2,000 pounds is not required to have airbags. We are currently developing airbags for the side windows, as well as an external airbag to protect pedestrians.

How long does it take for the batteries to charge?

The SOLO can be fully charged in three hours.

What is the chemical composition of the battery and how long should it last?

The Lithium Ion Phosphate battery is good for 3,000 cycles, which is roughly 12 years if charged every day.

Are you offering a battery warranty?

Yes, the battery warranty is 5 years, or 4,000 cycles.

What type of driver license is required for an autocycle?

An autocycle can be operated on a Class C license. This is because an autocycle is stable, has a steering wheel, and uses the traditional throttle and brakes like a motor vehicle does.

What type of license plate is on an autocycle?

For purposes of titling, registration and inspection, an autocycle is considered a motorcycle.

Are three wheel vehicles prone to rollover?

No they are not. The SOLO is driven just like an ordinary automobile. Rollover prevention has more to do with a vehicle’s center of gravity than the number of wheels. SOLO has a wide track up front and is low to the ground with most of the weight in the floor, which all aid in enhancing stability.

What is the battery range at temperatures below freezing?

While most all gas and electric motors experience a certain loss with extreme cold temperatures, the SOLO battery will perform nominally from -35 degrees celsius to 50 degrees celsius.

Can you mount a bike rack on the SOLO?

Yes—it’s compatible with a suction cup device called SeaSuckers. It’s a durable and inexpensive add-on.

What is the SOLO’s minimum ground clearance?

It has a minimum ground clearance of 5 inches. It can go off curbs without any issues, but it may have issues boarding ferries.

Does the SOLO have regeneration for both coasting and braking?

The SOLO has engine regeneration. By electronically slowing down the car, the brakes are used less.

Where can I find more information in regards to investing?

Please visit our Investor website here.
Meccanica investor section



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