History - Electra Meccanica
Revolutionary technology meets a rich history in sports car design. We are a team of car fanatics who want to make the sport we love sustainable for generations by actively reducing the impact that driving has on the environment.

It All Started in Italy

Frank Reisner began building custom sports cars in Italy in 1959, under the name Intermeccanica. His son Henry later joined him, and together they built 2,500 vehicles with Intermeccanica. Their extensive history in the automobile industry continues today with Meccanica. As COO, Henry Reisner oversees the production of the Solo and brings extensive knowledge about design and performance car manufacturing.

The Intermeccanica Legacy 

Intermeccanica’s 50 years of experience meets Jerry Kroll’s expertise in clean energy and motor racing. Kroll’s passion for racing led him to help drivers like Vancouver’s Greg Moore move up through the ranks and into the big leagues of Indy Car racing. He still races Formula Enterprise cars to this day.

Meeting of the Minds

United by a common passion for cars and racing, our team brings multifaceted experience in auto manufacturing, advanced electric car racing, entrepreneurship and public capital markets.

Accelerating the Shift to 
Sustainable Transportation

We combine a passion for performance cars with our commitment to being smarter about the way we commute. Meccanica takes the best elements of the classic cars we love, and integrates aerospace technology for lighter, faster vehicles with zero emissions.

Impeccable design meets future-thinking innovation. Every detail is considered to optimize efficiency while creating fun for the driver.



The all-electric, single-seater Solo

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The all-electric, two-seater Tofino roadster

Reservation $1,000.00 CAD

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