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Jerry in BIV

Market slowly plugging into the advantages of electric vehicles

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Talk to Jerry Kroll if you have any doubts about the fun and convenience of driving EVs. He’s a race-car driver and CEO of New Westminster-based ElectraMeccanica (, which has just launched a prototype three-wheel single-person commuting EV called the Sparrow.

“E-cars make conventional internal combustion engine cars seem like a rotary dial phone or a fax machine,” said Kroll. (An electric car just set a world record for accelerating from zero to 100 km/h in 1.8 seconds.)

“Tesla is No. 1 in the world for lots of reasons: performance, safety, satisfaction, value. No other vehicle being sold today comes close, at any price.”

EVs have massive torque, no gears and few moving parts.

“An electric vehicle has the same maintenance schedule as your refrigerator. You plug it in, maintain tire pressure, washer fluid and keep it clean,” said Kroll.

“In 15 years being around electric vehicles, I’m not aware of anyone who bought an EV and then went back to gasoline.”

Kroll added that range is not an issue for owners, noting that 83% of Canadians commute less than 30 kilometres each way. OK, so they’re fun to drive, and cities are doing a lot to encourage them, but why are 47% of Canadians not even aware of how EVs perform?

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