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Join Us to Watch Formula 1 Racing

Chinese Grand Prix – Saturday April 16
Doors Open at 10:30 pm – Dinner is On Us!

We want to thank all of the motorsport enthusiasts that joined us last Sunday for breakfast and to watch a very exciting Bahrain GP.

Next stop for the F1 World Championship is the Shanghai International Circuit in China. We’ll once again be showing all of the weekend’s F1 Grand Prix race at our Vancouver headquarters. Our doors will be open at 10:30PM, giving you plenty of time to enjoy a “Chinese-themed” dinner and settle in for the Shanghai Grand Prix at 10:55 PM. If you’re an EV owner, a Formula 1 fan or are just curious about either, we’re inviting you to stop by, watch the race and network with other car enthusiasts.

About the Shanghai International Circuit:
The 5.4 kilometre racing track is shaped like the Chinese character ‘shang’, which stands for ‘high’ or ‘above’ and features stunning architecture throughout the course from the team buildings to the grandstand areas. The circuit is very technical with a variety of challenging corners and is demanding on both the drivers and their F1 cars. Its high speed straights provide for some great overtaking opportunities making for exciting racing! The lap record of 1:32.238 is held by Michael Schumacher (2004).

First Grand Prix: 2004
Number of Laps: 56
Circuit Length: 5.451 km
Race Distance: 305.066 km

Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motorsport and automotive technology. The series features the world’s best racing drivers, driving the fastest, most technically advanced racing cars on the world’s most prestigious circuits.

中国地区锦标赛 – 周六4月16号

下一站一级方程式锦标赛将会在中国上海举行。我们将会在我们的温哥华总部直播所有的一级方程式赛车锦标赛的所有比赛。 中国主题的晚饭将会在10:30分开始。 而中国上海锦标将会在晚上10:55开始。 如果你拥有一辆电动车,或者一级方程式车粉丝,我们非常欢迎你来参加我们的活动,和其他的汽车爱好者交流。
一级方程式赛道单圈长度为5.451公里,宽度12至18米。赛道整体造型犹如一个翩翩起舞的“上”字。它既有利于大马力引擎发挥的高速赛道,又具有挑战性、充分体现车手技术的弯道。目前单圈最快纪录是1分32秒238 (2004年,迈克尔·舒马赫,法拉利车队)
一级方程式赛车代表着当代赛车运动和汽车科技的顶峰。 在这次的锦标赛系列中,你将会看到世界上最顶级的赛车手,最快最高科技的顶尖赛车和世界上有名的赛道。

Chinese Grand Prix Viewing
April 16, 2016 : 10:30 PM – 1:00 AM
102 East 1st Avenue, Vancouver
V5T 1A4

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