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The Solo Advantage Program

Let us show you how you can expand the awareness of your company, your brand, while aligning your company with environmental friendly “green” technology.

The concept is simple. Why spend your advertising budget on conventional ads which are dependent upon circulation or media exposure through television and radio. These conventional means of advertising are designed with the hope you can solicit a consumers attention. That’s a very expensive and questionable proposition.

Instead let us show you how the Solo can bring the consumer to your company instead of you trying to take your company to the consumer.

How It Works

1 — Download the template

Download the template below and add your wrapping design as desired.

Solo Template

2 — Submit your design

Submit your wrapping design through the form below and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss your design and the potential application on a future SOLO.

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A few examples of submitted wrapping designs and their application on a real Solo.



The all-electric, single-seater Solo

Reservation $250.00 CAD

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The all-electric, two-seater Tofino roadster

Reservation $1,000.00 CAD

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The all-electric, two-seater Tofino roadster

Reservation $1,000.00 CAD

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