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SOLO Impresses At First Track Appearance

The first time you take ANY car to the track, you never push hard hard. Its more of a systems check. When you have multiple spare cars, parts, etc., then you can push harder, but gradually and in a system. No “Cowboys” allowed on the test track, that’s only in the movies.

The SOLO drove like a Champ on Saturday afternoon, and did a 1:46 lap in its first session at Mission Raceway in British Columbia, and then dropped 3 seconds to a 1:43.3 in its second session. All systems were nominal, and we have a solid baseline of performance. I was driving at 70% the whole time.

As a comparison, the only other cars out there were race prepped “Fast and Furious” type cars with slick tires, doing between 1:25 and 1:33 by our clocks, so SOLO is at the fast side of showroom cars already.

A pdf of track times will be posted as soon as the track sends it to us.

Stay tuned!

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